Vintage Eclectic Interior Design: 7 tips to master the trend of injecting nostalgia into a modern space

If you’re currently agonising over choosing between a vintage or a contemporary aesthetic for your home, you can take a breath - the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive anymore.

Yes, that means that you can stylishly honour any old pieces that you have inherited, or any items that hold sentimental value, while also keeping your space modern and uncluttered.

This is where vintage eclectic interior design comes into play. But there’s a catch for Millennials and Gen Z - we’re afraid that your predecessors, Baby Boomers and Generation X, are taking the credit for driving this decorating style ensemble, according to Pinterest's prediction for Hipstoric home chic in 2023.

Perhaps sick of homes looking the same, or uninspiring, mass-produced furniture, those in their 40s and over are rejecting the mundane in favour of personalising a space while channelling their nostalgia.

What is vintage eclectic interior design?

Quite simply, vintage eclectic is a hot trend that blends pieces from different styles and eras to create a unique, modern space. This could be using different patterns, textures, colours, sizes and proportions in one room, for example.

It may sound haphazard on paper, but if done carefully, your home will ooze uniqueness and sophistication. The best part is, those who aren’t afraid to go the extra mile and get their DIY hands dirty can keep costs very reasonable.

But how do you style an eclectic room? We’re glad you asked. Here are seven tips to help you nail the trend…

1. Mix old and new artwork's Geisha Green print is the perfect example of taking inspiration from a vintage design and bringing it stylishly into the 21st century.

See how the black and white timeless image has been given a striking makeover with a simple, effective splash of colour, before being displayed in a modern frame?

This is peak vintage eclectic decor.

2. Be bold with your wall colour

We absolutely love the daring use of bold, eclectic colour in this dining room (and the cat!).

Those who say that navy blue can’t be used successfully in this way haven’t seen it done properly.

Browse's Japanese wall art

It doesn’t have to be all the walls of course - you can make just as much of an impact with a single feature wall.

From dark moody indigos and deep greens to brighter pops of colour, these tones are the perfect contrast to the reclaimed-style pub chairs at the dining table.

3. Don't be scared of mixing patterns

Remember the style faux pas of wearing stripes and spots together? Throw that manual out.

Vintage eclectic style not only loves mixing patterns - it craves them.

Look at this incredible use of a very small space - the colour scheme is simple, yet the patterns and eclectic decorating styles are poles apart.

4. Create a gallery wall

The gallery wall featured in the banner of AudLuxe’s Etsy shop does exactly what it says on the tin - unapologetically audacious, quirky wall art prints.

Take a bold leap in style by mixing colours, portraits, frames, and genres, and placing them cleverly on the very same wall to create your own aesthetic.

5. Lighting matters

Yes, it really does - in fact, it can be just as important as the furniture, art, and colour scheme you choose.

Why? Because the difference between good and bad lighting can change the mood and atmosphere of a room in an instant.

Browse's Vintage wall art

Twining a big showstopper piece, or gallery wall, with ambient lighting at the right levels around the room could be the difference between a relaxing read under a work of art, and eye strain.

6. Add texture

What did we say before about nostalgia? This 70s-inspired room is complemented perfectly with modern cushions, frames and an all-important teddy bear.

You can go to town mixing modern and antique furniture along with the perfect accessories to create your own version of modern, eclectic interior design.

Think fluffy rugs, bobbly cushions, and stone vases - these elements will make your space pop with pride.

7 Mix modern furniture with vintage armchairs

This colourful eclectic living room somehow manages to pull off a number of styles without feeling cramped, garish, or cluttered.

As you can see the mix of furniture designs - specifically the vintage style armchairs and the modern sofa - perfectly brings together different eras into a single room.

To discover vintage eclectic art, browse’s collection now.